Critical Carbine with Sentinel Concepts

This 2 day course expands on the 1 day version of the Carbine Diagnostic course to include more drills and skills on use of the carbine. Including positional work, shooting on the move, and various other exercises to get the shooter to explore the capabilities and abilities of the gear they chose and themselves.


  • Safety brief & medical plan
  • Different optics and accessories
  • Effective shooting stance
  • Proper weapon grip
  • Recoil control
  • Timed graded quals and drills
  • Sight picture red dots and LPVO optics
  • Proper zero and confirmation of them. (range dependent on distance)
  • Use of the sling for supported shooting
  • Use of body supported shooting positions
  • Trigger control
  • Reloads
  • Malfunctions clearing
  • Different shooting positions
  • Carbine ready positions
  • and more…

Instructor Bio

Steve Fisher has been the owner/lead instructor for Sentinel Concepts since 2014. He also is a contract instructor for numerous ranges in Michigan and has been a staff instructor for EAG Tactical.

Steve’s career as a trainer started in the 90’s, first at NTFT and then later as the owner/ lead trainer of MDFI, both Michigan-based companies, and served as one of the primary Instructors for Magpul Dynamics. He was responsible for the development of new programs and tactics for several local police departments and new training curriculum’s based on low light, home defense and the use of the carbine, handgun, and shotgun in various roles.

Steve has been featured in SWAT Magazine, Recoil Magazine, Breach-Bang-Clear, and has written for both SWAT Magazine and Surefire Combat Tactics. He is a product designer for Tuff Products and provides product development insight for companies like Nighthawk Customs, Midwest Industries, FN, Trijicon, Agency Arms, Surefire and Robar to name a few.

Over the years Steve has participated in numerous training programs from notable instructors in the industry as well as many local level schools and stays active on both sides of the training industry. He is also an avid hunter and has a history in the outdoor/hunting television community as both a hunter and cameraman.


  • A functional and practical carbine (AK variants and AR type pistols allowed)
  • If available, a spare carbine is also an excellent idea
  • A minimum of 800 rounds of carbine ammunition
  • Hearing Protection, electronic is preferred
  • Wrap around style eye protection
  • A billed ball cap
  • Sling
  • IFAK &/or tourniquet
  • Your lunch and beverages
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather to spend the entire day outside
  • Individual first aid kit and tourniquet


* Please note: that the range has no facilities / running water etc (they do have porta potties), so please bring plenty of water and anything else you might need throughout the day.

Critical Carbine
May 3-4 2024

Deposit Amount

$ 150

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