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Utah Firearms Training

Pew Pew Solutions

A Utah based training group for those passionate about firearms safety, self defense, shooting sports and the mastery of the associated skills. We organize training courses, training days and host the top trainers from across the world.

Upcoming Events

The ShivWorks Extreme Close Quarter Concepts (ECQC) course is a two-and-a-half-day (20-hour) block of instruction that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to building functional, combative handgun skills at zero to five feet. The course is designed to instill core concepts of...
October 12, 2024
Pistol & Rifle Applications is a look into how to build a solid foundation with your pistol (Day 1) and Rifle (day 2). We break things way down and then build back up so as shooters not only have a...

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Pew Pew Solutions arranges, hosts and provides pistol/handgun, defensive, carbine/rifle, medical, CQB, shotgun, night vision, low light, long range, concealed carry and force-on-force training in Utah.