SOLGW Liberty 2-Stage Trigger (L2S)


SOLGW Liberty 2-Stage Trigger (L2S)


The Liberty 2 Stage trigger from SOLGW is our answer to the problem people have in deciding which 2 Stage trigger to use.

Our L2S has a hybrid straight/curved trigger shoe, with softly rounded edges on the trigger shoe, full power springs, and a clean crisp break.  At 4.5 lbs pull weight, with a snappy reset and clearly distinguishable 2nd stage, the L2S is equally at home in a precision rifle or a short blaster.

This precision machined, polished, and DLC-coated trigger is standard in the Sons of Liberty Gun Works PRECISION Series rifles, our SIGNATURE Series rifles, and is now available individually as well.

If you’re looking for a quality 2-stage trigger with a Lifetime Warranty, at a reasonable price from a manufacturer you can trust, the L2S from SOLGW is your answer.

*Includes a slave pin for easy trigger installation*

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  • 4.5lb total pull weight with snappy reset
  • DLC coated
  • Liberty Bow with a radiused hybrid flat/curved shoe
  • Clean break with full power springs
  • Lifetime Warranty


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