Defense Mechanisms PLACARD KEEPER


Defense Mechanisms PLACARD KEEPER


The Defense Mechanisms Placard Keeper plays a vital role in securing your Placard and preventing it from detaching from your plate carrier.

By utilizing the Defense Mechanisms Placard Keeper, you can have full confidence that your placard will maintain its secure placement.


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This innovative resolution was formulated with insights from experts in the Military and Law Enforcement communities. These professionals approached us with the problem to avert placards from getting torn off in specific combat and law enforcement scenarios, including instances like executing high altitude water insertions or engaging in physical confrontations. The DM Placard Keeper is that solution.


  • Keeps placard from peeling up by physical altercations or high altitude water insertions.
  • Laminate fabric hinge that attaches the lower end of the placard and wraps around into the back of the plate bag

Handmade in Winona, MN.


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