Defense Mechanisms DUMP POUCH


Defense Mechanisms DUMP POUCH

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This Dump Pouch is designed to be very low profile when not in use but still allow ample storage for magazine recovery, storage of evidence, sensitive materials, and even fits a full-size Gatorade for range day use.  Our Dump Pouch comes with MOLLE+ belt loops.  Use the included MOOLE+ belt loops to work with inner/outter belt systems or stand alone belts (loop side out).


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  • Ultracompact size when stored
  • 70D Ripstop Nylon storage bags is durable while stowing away compactly
  • Half-moon top opening allows easy access while keeping items contained without additional closure systems
  • Rapid deployment tab deploys the storage bag with a simple tug
  • Wider belt mounted surface gives control to the storage bag so items don’t flop around
  • MOLLE+ belt loops fit belts from 1.5″-2″ and allows removal without removing other components from your belt and allow continuos hook/loop contact across the mounting surface.
  • The use of MALICE clips or similar attachments reqired for MOLLE mounting

1 review for Defense Mechanisms DUMP POUCH

  1. Miguel Ortiz

    Best dump pouch I’ve used. Previously had a big pouch that was still the size of a burrito when rolled up. This one stuffs into itself nice and compact and stays out of the way. The pull tab makes it easy to deploy when needed. The velcro attachment is super simple. Just thread it through the webbing on the back and the hook and loop sides will stick. Then place the corresponding side on your outer belt and sandwich it onto your inner belt. Works perfectly with the esstac belt. Some excess material sticks above the belt, but you can cut it off if it really bothers you.

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