Pistol Grip

Throughout all of the pistol training that we have participated in, we have come to the conclusion that the single thing that will make the quickest and most drastic improvement for most shooters is their grip.

A consistently proper grip does several things for the shooter:

  1. Mitigates recoil
  2. Enables proper presentation and indexing of your weapon (allows the shooter to quickly and consistently “get on target”)
  3. Helps mitigate inconsistencies in the shooter’s trigger press

Below are several videos from various sources that all teach the same principles of a proper grip, just in a slightly different way. We think it is worth the time to watch all of them!

This way of explaining and the illustration with the sticks tends to make minds explode as shooters see an INSTANT performance increase…

Mark Smith of JBS Training Group discusses recoil mitigation – why it is important and methods to do it better.

Here is one more useful video that is not specifically about grip, but very closely related and having to do with how to hold and manipulate your pistol. Although the description indicates the technique is “primarily taught to women” we have found that it works for women, because it is efficient. If it is a more efficient method, why would we not ALL want to use it?

One Handed Shooting

What does your spine have to do with one-handed shooting? Watch Ernest explain and demo the secret “backbone” of shooting one handed.