I just bought or am about to buy my first handgun…

Congratulations on purchasing your first handgun! We have received a lot of quality training from some of the top trainers in the world, and nothing replaces quality, in-person training… that being said, we also have learned quite a bit from watching videos online! As you may know, you cannot trust everything you read or see online, so we wanted to put together a handful of useful, well vetted instructional videos for those of you who may have purchased your first handgun. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a great starting point to build from the ground up with the most up to date, relevant information.

Safety First!

It is well worth your time to read through your new firearms owners manual. Be family with the different components, what they are and how they work.

Before you ever load live ammunition into your weapon, PLEASE watch the video below (several times if needed) and gain an firm grasp and understanding of the principles taught.

Former Army Ranger John Lovell teaches firearm safety, shooting range etiquette, proper unloading procedures, and the 4 universal firearm safety rules. For any friends, family, or neighbors interested in learning how to safely handle a gun.

Let’s walk through New Gun Ownership 101. Warrior Poet Society is dedicated to raising up a generation of protectors and peacekeepers. We are lovers and fighters, lions and lambs. And if that is your aim as a new gun owner, this video will help you start your journey on the right foot. Wield your firearms as a force for good. John Lovell, Army Ranger and full-time tactical firearms instructor, goes through 5 steps to responsible gun ownership. This is a crash course video and does not go into as much depth as many of our other videos.

After you had a solid understanding of how to safely handle your new firearm, you can start working your way through the following topics to learn more about how to handle, use, maintain and enjoy your new handgun.

1 – Learn how to grip a handgun

2 – How do my sights work?

3 – Dry fire

4 – Ammunition

5 – Maintenance

6 – Malfunctions