25 Round Defensive Shotgun Practice Session

This is a summary of the 25 round practice session that Rob Haught and his assistant instructors presented during our 2 day shotgun operator course in June, 2019. The idea is to focus on the “push-pull” method and run through a series of repetitions to at the very least maintain (but hopefully improve on) the level of proficiency that we gained during our training.

Understandably, the more often a shooter can complete these drills, the more they will improve, but it is suggested to complete the 25 round practice session a minimum of once per month. When out shooting, it would only take an extra few min to throw in this practice session and maintain proficiency. Remember that the shooter should always obtain 1 more sight picture than the number of rounds fired (in other words, always finish with finding another sight picture).

25 rounds 

Can be completed with birdshot or buckshot but remember to practice with your defensive load at least every once in a while to verify patterning and proper function in your shotgun!

  • 5 rounds of a single shot
  • 5 rounds of double shot
  • 5 rounds of “click” -> load 1 -> shoot 1
  • 5 rounds from the “CQB position”
  • Optionally, add 5 rounds using your slugs of choice to verify zero 

Get out and shoot! Post pictures and/or video of your practice sessions and use the following hashtags!

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Download a PDF version of this drill explanation HERE