Pistol Practice Day – Nov 2019

Nothing too fancy, no “teaching”, just a group of shooters getting together to practice and #dowork. The idea is to observe and provide feedback to each other to improve performance… and maybe meet a few new local shooters who share the interest of getting better (whether that is for work, competition, defensive purposes or just for fun).

Sign up using the “sign up now” link below, space is limited. Targets, stands, sticks etc etc are provided, just bring your personal gear, show up and practice! Each practice day will have several stations set up to focus on different particular aspects of your shooting, you are welcome to shoot all the stations or only the ones that interest you.

-Ear and eye protection
-Pistol with a holster (no cross-draw holsters)
-Backup pistol (optional)
-3-5 mags (or however many you have!)
-400-700 rounds of pistol ammunition (it's up to you how much you shoot!)
-1-2 mag pouches (or a neo mag etc - whatever you use for your spare mags)
-Water (lots of it!)
-Cleaning kit w/ oil
-Cold weather / Rain gear and sunscreen (depending on weather)
-Shot timer (if you have one, if not, don't worry about it)

* Please note that the range has no facilities / running water etc (they do have porta potties), so please bring plenty of water and anything else you might need throughout the day.

Pistol Practice Day
Nov 2nd 2019
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